The great part about the mass array of plugins that exist, is that companies want to get people to their sites and to purchase their plugins. But to be able to standout from the most dominant plugin companies, the new companies will offer free plugins. This is great for generating traffic to the sites, as well as great for YOU the artist/producer,musician. In this blog brought to you by we’ll be going through some of our favorite plugins released so far in 2019.

  1. Pettinhouse Audio’s – Acoustic Guitar

This is an amazing option if you’re looking for plucked, strummed, or fingered, it even includes realistic elements such as string release and fret noises. I find that these additions really add to a more realistic sounding acoustic guitar sample.

       2. Hugo Kant

An extremely talented producer going by the name “Hugo Kant” has been not only releasing killer tracks on his soundcloud/bandcamp, but he’s also been nice enough to share some sample instruments with the world FOR FREE.

Included on his website, the samples page includes a Top Piano, Vibraphone, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Rhodes and more!

      3. Precisionsound – Amore Grand Piano

The Amore Grand Piano is a great addition to your piano arsenal, with a unique control over the gain of each frequency range (High, mid and low)  and quality control of the pedal sustain.

     4. Ivy Audio – Clare Solo

Now with most vocal libraries that use legato sampling, they tend to use short, separately recorded transition samples. All legato samples in Clare Solo lead into a full length sustain, resulting in a beautiful, natural performance that is sure to bring your track to the next level.There’s even a handy walkthrough to get you started.

     5. Ivy Audio – Carpenter Trombone

Here we have Ivy Audio jumping into the world of cinematic sounds, The Carpenter Trombone is an extremely detailed library of a tenor trombone. With a great performance and a high quality capture this performance includes, legato, sustain, and staccato articulations.

Offering Comprehensive legato (Every legato transition was recorded into a full length sustain). This basically allows you to have the feels of a natural performance with a sampled instrument.As with their other products a walkthrough was so gracefully included

    6. Ivy Audio – Scott Drums

Ivy Audio’s first foray into the world of percussion sampling goes right here with Scott Drums. Recorded with 5 round robins and 8 dynamic levels across the board, this library gives you a taste of everything from snare rolls to stick clicks, right up to that marginally obnoxious cymbal scrape.

If that wasn’t enough it also includes built in effects on every mic position and an advanced “dry mix” mode for a super dry and bleed-free sound.

   7. MSLP Vibraphone

This is a blog run by Joe Stevens, a free sample library enthusiast. He’s got hundreds of free sounds, so there’s many more to choose from but I loved the sound of this Vibraphone.

This needs a little panning to get sounding really tight, but the quality of the samples is on point, and the responsiveness of the ASDR is really something to be heard/seen.

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