Anyone who’s ever used Reason knows that one of the greatest parts of the DAW is its modular virtual rack gear, but its worst aspects have been always related to third party plugins and support in general. With this newest update Propellerhead has listened to us all (FINALLY) and included a way for your favorite VST’s to benefit from Reasons 10’s patchable racks.

1.Reason’s patchable, modular virtual rack – just became an asset rather than a liability.

Now that VSTs in Reason perform roughly as they will in other DAWs, what Reason adds is the ability to rout those plug-ins however you like, within Reasons unique interface.

The other aspect of this that craves more attention is the ability to run these third party plugins through Reasons dense rack system. I was able to create tones with Native Instruments Massive, that sounded well…. massive. Whilst having no interruption or latency issues to my current project/session.

2. 130% VST performance improvement

Now combine that with Reason’s existing native effects and instruments and third-party Rack Extensions, and I think Reason becomes more interesting as both a live performance tool, and a much better tool for working on more complex arrangements and recording.

3. 35% increase in rack extension speed

When using Reasons own rack extensions I found that I loved working with them because they tended to run quicker and had a more “reason” like feel then the foreign VSTs. Now I noticed when testing the rack extensions that I was experiencing less CPU usage, while also enjoying quicker response time, less latency, and a more “in the moment” experience.

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