Now normally people think of an email list as more of a big business thing, especially if you’re trying to promote a new product or sell something, but as a musician there are plenty of benefits you or your band can gain from running an email list.

Having the ability to reach fans directly in their inbox allows for greater opportunities to further build relationships and communities, while also showing consistency and dedication to your fan-base. Now this is only helpful if you do it right, so today we’re going to go through 5 tips on how to reach your fans through an email list.

#1 – Specify Your Fan Base

Before you even think about typing up that email, it’s crucial that you’re taking time to think of who it is you’re sending the email to. Things to think about include, tone of voice, the vocabulary you choose to use, and how you choose to present yourself stylistically.

These elements are crucial because if your tone or style don’t match or aren’t suitable to your fan base, they’re not going to want to read your content.

#2 – Focus Your Attention on The Subject Line

You could have the most interesting email ever written, but if that opening subject line is bland or boring or uninteresting to your readers, that email is going to be put in the trash or spam folder instantly.

A key thing here is to also have the line be interesting enough for your readers to want to open, but not feel like its clickbaity or a spam email.

“Be genuine and authentic with what you write but make it intriguing enough for people to want to click and see what you’ve got to say” says Brady Kohlmeier, a Marketing manager at Australian reviewer and Boomessays.

#3Speak Face-To-Face

A very common mistake when trying to communicate with your fan-base is that you fall into the trap of writing for your fans, and not writing TO your fans. When you’re constructing your emails, try and write in a way where it feels as though you’re speaking to them individually, rather then as a collective group.

This will really help your emails feel more personal and genuine, causing people to have more confidence and faith in your emails and content in general.

#4 – Be YOUrself

Writing is challenging (you know if you read this blog), the most important thing to remember here is that writing is like any other skill you’ve developed. To be able to write and put the words down is one thing, but to be able to accurately write in your voice or personal style, is a challenge.

Practice this. Write out drafts, if you have any friends who are writers get them to edit your work, or better yet send them to anyone and ask them to edit or proof read for you. A good way to start is to just try and inject some of your humor, style, tone, and even your charm (hopefully you have some of these).

#5 – Write for Mobile Devices

This is actually a general skill for anyone using emails, whether you’re a business owner or a musician, it’s important to remember that most people accessing or reading your email will be doing it on their phone.

They say that over 50% of people checking their emails will be doing it on their phone rather than a desktop or laptop. Now if your email isn’t formatted correctly the likelihood of it getting read has become substantially less.

Try to use optimized images, break up your paragraphs, and make sure that everything is laid out in the easiest most effective way possible. The best way to judge this is by sending yourself the email and looking at it on your phone. This will give you a good perspective on the quality of your email, better yet send it to someone else and get them to critique it.

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