In honor of the latest epic season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones “The Long Night”, we would like to share with you a killer remix from producers KSHMR & The Golden Army. This remix brings in all the elements that make the GoT theme so grandiose and memorable.

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Starting the tune off with a droned bass note and that epic violin intro that we all know and love, launching from this we go into an extremely cinematic section of the same melody equipped with choir, cinematic percussion, an exuberant amount of extra harmony and melodic texture filled in.

After we get our fill of the GoT sound and theme, we bring it way down and filter out most of the melodic content and start a classic build with snares on every beat and everything rising and filtering in until that big moment.

The drop is a wonderful 4×4 festival like theme, I could totally hear this being played at any big EDM festival. I can only imagine that as soon as the GoT theme would drop the crowd would be going nuts, and bringing this theme to that dancier place is a great way to capture a different vibe and feel to an already beautiful soundtrack and theme.

The rest of the tune weaves in and out of the familiarity of the original theme, while adding electronic staples and bleeps and bloops to give it that really sidechained festival house feel.

Here’s a link to the song

And KSHMR and The Golden Army’s Socials

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