Music submission platforms are a new breath in the very stagnant and convoluted music promotion business. It’s often the most difficult part of getting your music out there, having to analyze and critique it to figure out where its best suited, and how best to attract fans and followers of that style or genre.

What is a music submission platform you ask? It’s a place where you can upload your music and have an array of blogs,networks, youtube channels, spotify playlists and even radio stations that can play and promote your music all around the world.

If you head over to you can post your tracks and have direct access to promotion companies without all the mess of figuring out how to contact and stumbling through email contacts.

Saves You Time

The most obvious advantage of using a music submission platform is that it saves you the time and effort of going through and finding all the blogs, playlists, and networks contact information. Most of the time many of these blogs and playlists are swamped with submissions and often times make it rather difficult to find a contact email or even a way to send in your music.

This is where a submission platform comes in, since the platform has created working relationships with these blogs/playlists/youtube channels you don’t have to worry about your submission getting lost in the clutter of emails or hearing crickets on your submissions.

Also with some music submission platforms such as BitSubmit, there is a requirement that a network has to listen to at least a certain amount of your song (at least 1 minute) before they can either give feedback or accept your track and promote it. This guarantees that when you send a track to a network you’re going to at the very least get some feedback, if not have your track uploaded and promoted.

Saves You Money

Alot of promotion/blogs require monetary compensation to promote your music, they want to not only have great music but an ability to make money off their blog/network. Now with a music submission platform such as BitSubmit you can guarantee that whatever amount you invest WILL BE HEARD by the network you are applying to. The quality of your track and how well it describes or relates to that networks musical aesthetic, will be the biggest signifier if your track is accepted and promoted.

I can tell you when I was trying to release a lot of my really bad electronic music, it would have been beyond helpful to have a music submission platform to receive criticism from people who are promoting the kind of music I want to write and hopefully sell.

If you’re serious about your craft and want to become a professional, music submission platforms are a no brainer, and are a great way to save money and put your time and energy in the right place. Making Music.

Saves You Stress and Anxiety

As anyone who’s been in the music scene for any amount of time knows, half the battle of being an artist is being able to deal with the pitfalls of dedicating yourself to a life of music. These can include stress, anxiety, inability to pay bills, eating terribly, and a difficulty maintaining relationships.

I found that when I was early in my career trying to get the attention of labels, blogs, and  promoters. It wasn’t necessarily the stress of sending my tunes away and being afraid of the response. It was much more stressful not knowing if the reason I didn’t get a response was because of the email I sent, my general lack of professionalism, or was because the track was terrible.

This stress was a waste of time personally, and If music submission platforms would’ve existed it would’ve helped me easily connect with the channels I wanted too and would’ve saved me a lot of the worry and anxiety of waiting around my phone/computer for a response.

Now If I’m working on a platform such as BitSubmit, I don’t have to worry about the network responding, whether they’re going to tell me why they’re not accepting the track, or how long it’s going to take. With a limit on how long a network can take to respond, and with forcing the networks to provide reasons why they don’t like the track. This makes the stress and anxiety of submitting a track, a thing of the past.

If you head over to you can post your tracks and have direct access to promotion companies without all the mess of figuring out how to contact and stumbling through email contacts.

Automate your entire marketing process so you can spend more time where it matters most – in the studio. No more wasting time searching the internet for promotion. No more sending hundreds of emails to promoters that rarely respond because of their flooded inbox.

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