When we’re looking at starting out with music production the first few times in the software can be quite daunting. What do you need to focus on? What do you need to learn to be able to start? Should you divide your time between learning and production? Here at BitSubmit we’re going to give you aspiring or even amateur producers three tips on how to focus on improving your productions.

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Focus On Completion, Not Making Tracks Perfect

This one is difficult to stomach at first, you’re going to make hundreds of horrible tracks before you get even close to a track that sounds half decent. Now this is 99% accurate for almost all producers out there, some prodigies may make their first track and it’s a hit but I can’t even think of an example of this.

If you’re just starting out or you have been producing for a while with no real success, try working on more songs rather than focusing all your energy into one track. It’s much more useful in 6 months to make 10-15 completed tracks (Composed, Arrangements, and Mixdowns), then to have one completed track in 6 months. This is because each time you create a track you have to solve problems, deal with challenges, and learn to use skills that you haven’t yet refined. 10 tracks later will actually allow you to really understand a lot of what you did properly or what you did poorly. Now If you only made one track, you literally only have one example to base all these same questions on.

Keep Realistic Expectations

Music is a lifelong journey, if you’re expecting to walk in and learn everything about it… you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Focusing on “making it” as an artist will leave you confused and frustrated, cause anything that doesn’t satisfy that goal is going to be viewed as failure. A great way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is to set goals that are attainable. For instance this month let’s try and finish two songs, that way if you accomplish this you’re going to be inspired to create another goal to accomplish. But if this goal was say getting 5 tracks done in a month, even if you complete 3 tracks you’re still going to be disappointed you didn’t reach your goal.

Try to not set goals that you can’t control, being able to control all aspects of producing and your development are going to help you feel like you’re in control of your own musical destiny and not along for the ride.

Focus On The Fundamentals

It’s difficult to race cars if you don’t know how to drive one. Likewise it’s hard to produce music without a full understanding of the tools. You can think of this as two different steps,  Step 1 is learning the tools and Step 2 is learning the techniques.

When we think about Step 1 and learning the tools we are looking at functions such as

  • Operating the DAW
  • Being able to work in audio and MIDI
  • Be able to write a simple melody or chord progression
  • Creating Loops (4,8, or 16 bars)
  • Being able to use stock synthesizers and plugin synths as well
  • Being able to create a basic drum loop

When looking at Step 2 and learning the production theories and techniques, this is the place where you learn when and where to use this tools and techniques.

  • Being able to use music theory to make your arrangements come to fruition
  • Using sound design to create unique and original tones.
  • Using common mixing tools, like compression, delay, and EQ
  • Finally writing and arranging a full track

If you’re asking where can I learn this? Youtube tutorials have never been more useful and accurate, they have almost every aspect of production covered. Another way you can learn about most of these techniques and skills is by reading the manuals, as a Reason user I was often really confused about how it worked and I would just reference the 700+ page manual and the answers were almost always available

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