If you’re a striving independent artist you want more, more gigs, more fans, and more money. But to get to this point there are a few areas you can actually accomplish more by doing less. If you’d like to maintain a sense of mental clarity, free up your calendar, and in general make things far simpler, www.BitSubmit.net has got you covered with 3 ways you can do more while doing less.

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1.Quit your side projects

Being in multiple projects is a natural situation that many musicians find themselves in overtime. If you’re an artist who holds importance on networking, collaboration, and maintaining relationships. You’ll notice you hear the words “want to collaborate” or do you want to be involved in my new project constantly. This is great but if you’re playing in a lot of projects that aren’t really going anywhere, then it’s counterproductive and it would be better to be involved in one or two projects with a lot of potential

The other problem with doing a lot of side projects is that if you’re playing in a lot of other people’s projects, that means that you’re facilitating OTHER people’s vision, not yours. As I’ve played in more projects and situations I’ve realized that playing in one or two projects that are really dear to you and important, is 10x better then playing in a ton of projects and not really being that excited about all of them. This will result in you being unhappy, uninspired, and will start to make music feel like going to “work”. Now obviously we all got into music to not have a “normal job” so this just isn’t kosher.


How good are you at instagram, are you as good at instagramming as you are promoting on facebook, how about twitter, does tweeting best represent you as an artist/brand? How about your youtube page? Has it been silent for 3 months without even a peep of video content, maybe the reason you haven’t been able to produce content is because that platform doesn’t suit you best.

When you’re not accomplishing what you want, you need to start looking at what you’re doing wrong and becoming more self critical will help you figure this out. Are you natural on camera? Do you enjoy having the spotlight on you? Or are you a better writer and find that it’s easier to express how you genuinely feel with written content.

It’s best to find out where your niche lies is and run with that. Consistency here is also key, if you’re not doing anything consistently on these platforms you’re going against the way they’re supposed to be used. Maybe you don’t even want to update consistently and only with post when you have something going on, that’s fine, just make sure you have stuff going on then!!

In today’s generation anything is possible, not being on social media but still releasing tracks and videos is now considered unique. If you’re killing the local scene and your shows are blowing up, but you’re not on social media… It’s not going to matter, social media is just a means to and end. What’s your end?

3. Stick to one style for your branding (Pics, Socials, Layout, Overall Aesthetic Feel)

Are you attempting to make a collage with your insta feed? but then the next day posting black and white hipster shots. Are you trying to present that you’re a jokey artist that anyone could hang out with, but then posting random really serious photos. Are you looking extremely happy in some but then looking frustrated and tilted in others.

There is nothing wrong with trying to let people see all parts of you, but it’s more important to focus in on what you want people to invest their interest and commitment in. I notice people waste content all the time, don’t show everyone everything you’re doing on your instagram stories, don’t give away every detail of the recording process. I think because of how over saturated all social media is, sometimes it’s better to be secretive and quiet.

I find myself being way more interested in people who have faith and confidence in their product and use social platforms as a way to create mystery and suspense. A great example is someone like Marshmello, whether you like him or not, the marketing strategy has proved to be MASSIVELY successful. You don’t know who he is, but you feel like you know who MARSHMELLO Is. Instead of focusing everything on who he is as a person, and showing the flawed elements of being a person (every pop artist right now). He says no I’m going to use socials to push my branding and image, and since there’s a focus on ONE image it’s been flawless for making him one of the biggest producer/dj’s in the world.

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