When you’re trying to get to that next step and get your project off the ground, there are unfortunately a lot of things to focus on that have “nothing” to do with the “music”. This is true and it isn’t, I personally feel that everything involved with what you do musically is apart of the music, your haircut, your clothes, how you choose to speak on social media. I feel all of this plays a role in how you’re perceived and thus how successful you will be as an “artist”.

Today www.bitsubmit.net is going to take you through 3 things to consider when planning your band/artist/producers next photoshoot.

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1.HI-RES Quality

It’s surprising at this point to still be talking about low-res vs high res when it comes to photos. It used to be quite taxing to store high res photos, but now with space and data seemingly unlimited it’s become far easier and should be the norm. Yet when I’m scrolling through instagram or even watching stories I’m seeing tons of blurry images, or videos that I can hardly tell if its the person I’m looking at or a pixelated blurry version of the same thing.

Nowadays it’s difficult to even tell the difference between a high quality camera’s image and that of the latest iphone (To an untrained eye, not a photographers). The process has also became way easier, usually a quick change in settings will get you closer to that high quality image you’re looking for.

I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to the people you’re working with if your photos are high quality and easily shareable. Whether it’s posting them on your personal website, instagram, using them for posters or merch, or perhaps if you’re lucky enough, to use them with journalists for write ups and blogs. Try and always make sure you’re getting the best out of your photo shoots, and try and think ahead of what you’ll need later on as well.


The key here is that everyone is going to have different uses for your photos, sometimes it could be a blogger trying to help promote you, so you may only have room for a small image that needs to describe you/your band in a first glance. So the main idea here is to make sure you’re supplying the right photos for the right situation.

If you take a peek at most music magazines and blogs, you’re going to notice that they’re using horizontal photos. This style of image works better online and if you don’t provide this it becomes a hassle for whoever is trying to help you at that point. This is bad, we don’t want to make anything difficult for someone trying to help you along in this process.

It’s important to think about what is needed from you, and what the other person needs to make their job the easiest possible. If you’re going to be contacting these people (which benefits YOU) make sure you’re speaking their language, and using things that they can actually use and work with.


Most likely the next time you’re going to doing a photo shoot , it’s going to be in preparation for something you want to release or share with the world. This could be anything from a single, an album, a video, or a collaboration with a new company. As you’re working on your album or whatever else you’re doing, its key to be thinking about all aspects of your release and trying to make everything fit together cohesively.

Thinking about the imagery your music creates, your aesthetic should be consistent and represent that in every way. If you look at any highly successful artist, when they’re launching a new album or ep, everything from their merch to their music videos, all the way to the album artwork, all feel like they fit that current vibe.

This could be anything from a certain color, a specific brand or type of clothing, or a general mantra which leads to a certain look or feel.

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