1.Finding Bandmates

As a new artist/songwriter starting out can be one of the most daunting steps of the whole musical journey. You’re forced to find bandmates/collaborators that line up with your vision and that you can create a successful working relationship with. You’re forced to invest in equipment and then are expected that you have enough time to then learn that equipment (this is the part everyone forgets), and amongst all of that you’re supposed to create music you believe in.

Some quick ideas on how to accomplish finding applicable bandmates. First is to get on the internet, there are many platforms such as (Sonicbids, Meet & Jam, and Facebook groups) that will allow you to connect with like minded artists and potential collaborators. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who interest you, I’d highly suggest making sure you’re connecting with people who are within a similar genre or feel. You really never know what a message to someone will lead to. Some of my most interesting collaborations have been from connecting with people i was chatting with online, or even people I’ve played online video games with. The point is stay open cause you never know what’s possible.

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2.Demos and Songwriting

Before you can even start worrying about making a demo, you got to have songs. Now I highly suggest covering tons of material in a given style if you want to become someone who can play that style accurately. Too many times I see people give the advice that covers will get you nowhere and it’s all about original content. Yeah not true. Sure if you’re writing GREAT songs that people love more then the most popular tunes out right now, then go ahead don’t worry about any of this. But for the rest of us, understanding a style in and out will help you create music within that sphere that actually makes sense to fans of that music. Now I’m not saying just copy everything, but figure out how the songs are arranged, what kind of bass lines are prevalent, and the overall aesthetic of the genre.

Once you have a feel for the genre (this will take some time), you are ready to create some of your own ideas. As you’re coming up with original ideas feel free to collaborate with people, show producers your ideas, show songwriters, show musicians, show anyone involved in the music industry and REALLY LISTEN to what they have to say. Also in this moment watch for body language, you’ll know real quick if someone is interested in what you’re doing or not. Once you have some tunes down that you’re proud of and people have weighed in on, you’re ready to make a demo and maybe head into the studio need be.

3.Electronic Press Kit

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is essential for the modern day artist, it provides you with a quick and easy way to distribute your material. As an upcoming producer/songwriter/artist you’re going to need a digital press kit to help connect with industry professionals.

An EPK is basically a pre-made set of promotional materials that you send to different media outlets, booking agents, managers and anyone who you want to showcase your band to. There are some necessary elements to these as well. A Good EPK will have your bio, professional photos, musical content (Polished and Demo’s), high quality videos, any testimonials or reviews you’ve received (press), your social media sites, any accolades/achievements, and how to contact you. The whole point of this is to be able to quickly convey how amazing you/your group is and to do it for people who are not directly involved with music creation such as booking agents, talent buyers, promoters, and a plethora of other industry pro’s.

An EPK can be used in a many different applications, for example an artist sends the press kit to a club promoter and since you’ve included photos, video’s and your bio. The promoter can take a look at your music, videos, social media content, and even fashion. They can then take this and see if it lines up with their venue/music scene. This way if a promoter does like your group, then they have all the elements to promote you right there in the EPK. They want to post a photo of you? It’s right there in the EPK. They want to post a video of you playing? It’s right there. They want to share your bio or social media links? It’s right there. The EPK will simplify your life and most importantly simplify your relationship with people who want to give.you.money.

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