Are you currently re branding your music? If you are this is an element that you should definitely consider. If you’re in a band or an artist by yourself, you’ve been through the painstaking process of coming up with a name to describe your music. Now the question here is it worth changing your name? Is it that much better? Is this going to create new opportunities?

When large scale corporations change their names or branding, it can take years to figure out how to properly transition, not to mention the amount of consultants, designers, developers, and marketers that they have to pay and communicate with. Meanwhile you have yourself, and maybe if you’re in a band you have 3-4 others to help with this.

Without a massive resource network, re-branding is taxing and not always successful. You risk losing the brand loyalty you’ve developed and possible customer confusion.

Don’t worry has you covered with a few tips!

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1.Keeping All Your Music In One Place

It’s worth keeping all your music under one name in the interest of building and managing your catalog, if you have multiple aliases it’s going to be more difficult to accurately maintain different streaming profiles, social media, and if you’ve been following along with these blogs you know how important email mailing lists can be.

It’s also worth it to keep all these fans in one area, this way you don’t splinter the attention you would have gotten from two facebook pages, two email lists, two spotify profiles, and so on and so forth. Contrary to popular belief people will actually grow with you as your music changes, if you’ve been honest and created a fanbase that actually likes what you do, changing direction will be no problem.

If you’re a dubstep producer and you now create irish folk music, it’s going to be a challenge to convey that to your current fanbase. But with enough promotion, communication, and awareness you can use this as a way to garner even more fans and increase your reach. Now your next release after that irish folk song better be a banging dubstep tune for your fans, but It will show versatility and a reason to follow you, since surprise and mystery are one of the greatest ways to create FOMO for your fans.

2.It’s Inevitable To Lose Fans

You’re not going to be able to please everyone, some people will like one song you make and may hate another. This is for hundreds of reasons some known to you and some not, but the key is to not focus on the haters, but realize this ahead of time and mentally prepare for it.

Some fans are going to only want to hear music that they started liking you for, for instance you release a record and it’s too different for them, well that’s a chance to garner new fans . Some fans are going to me more okay with change and will only like the new stuff you do, or the new direction you’re headed in. So when you post an album that sounds similar to your earlier works, these fans might not be interested, but your OG fans that were there with you from day 1 Will be overjoyed.

The key to remember is that every change you undergo, is an opportunity to gain new listeners.

3.Look To the Greats

Think of Miles Davis, David Bowie, Radiohead, Elvis Presley, and anyone else who stuck with one branding for their career. Yes, These artists are from a different musical time period, but the biggest takeaway is that they made lifelong careers through evolution and change. Were SOME Radiohead fans frustrated when the band made strides or changes to new musical palettes, Yeah of course, but did the band switch names or create another project? No.

In today’s generation everyone is far too quick to change what they’re doing to satisfy their customer base, now in other businesses I’d say this is the most important aspect to growing (knowing what your customers want, and changing your company to better suit their needs). But in music sticking to your guns, and having a voice that isn’t swayed by corporate interest or money is going to get you way further. Artists and musicians are the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to our turbulent political times, and the biggest social divide of our lifetime. Musicians and artists are there to unite us and to stand above corporate interest, and to speak confidently and honestly.

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