What do you do when you’re not sure of how something is going to turnout, more often than not we tend to avoid it. Want to go to the gym? Well you haven’t been in two years, so instead of going and starting somewhere, you go well I’m probably going to be sore or unable to work so I can’t today.

The feeling of “what if” or contemplation of possible ways something can go wrong is paralyzing. Yet in these moments you’ll find you have cleaned your kitchen for the first time in forever, or actually wrote a thank you email for your christmas present from Uncle Jim. Yet you need to finish that song, complete a mix, practice for a rehearsal, equipment count for an upcoming show etc…

Wherever you’re finding it hard to finish, www.bitsubmit.net has got you covered with 3 ways to get you through that procrastination block.

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1.Coming Face to Face With Your Fears

We are absolutely stricken by our fear of failure, but once you’ve faced what you fear there is nothing left to do but the work. So if you’re looking for inspiration just head on over to Will Smith’s youtube channel, where all he’s been doing is a bucket list of fears he has. If you think finishing that chorus is hard, imagine being afraid of heights and bungee jumping the grand canyon.

So you’ve just uploaded a video for your most recent release, and the first things you begin to look at/think about are is anyone going to watch this? Why hasn’t anyone watched it yet? Oh no someone posted something similar and it’s done way better. All of this is a waste of time, what you want to do here is view everything as something to be solved rather than everything being an issue or problem.

The key here is TRYING, make sure you’re failing ALL THE TIME. If I could go back and tell my 20 year old self anything, it would be to put yourself out there whenever you can. And then  REALLY listen to the feedback, REALLY listen to what people are saying, and really analyze and critique yourself. We’re all terrified of peoples reaction to our most prized possessions (our art), but the difference between you and John Mayer is that he keeps trying after he fails.

2.Micro Tasks

So for this we’ll use the example of you putting out a new youtube video for a new song release. Your “to do list” for the day reads real simple. Finish Editing the video, but the problem with this is that there are a lot more micro steps that are required to actually get to the point where you’re finished editing.

So if we break this down it becomes a little be easier to tackle.

– Decide between 3 angles for moment at 0:36 seconds

– Do you want any Text on your final product?

– Create Credits for work done

– Perfect Title Shot

Now that the tasks have been laid out for you, if you only finish picking what angle you want to use at 0:36 seconds. Well perfect now you can go have a snack, or watch a youtube clip as you prepare to finish off the other tasks.

When I work like this I find that I get so motivated to work that I end up crossing everything off my list in one sitting. Sometimes it’s just about getting started, and once you have the ball rolling it feels easier to keep going and stay motivated.

3.Set Up a Rewards System

Try penalizing yourself when you don’t accomplish something you set out to, do you remember the feeling of wanting to go out with friends on a weekend or go to that local party and your parents met you with that annoying ass gaze and hit you with the “Not till your chores are done”.

Now I’ve tried to incorporate that into my lifestyle currently, so when I’ve set up a goal or a time driven task I will “ground myself” if I don’t complete it. This is extra frustrating when all your friends are going out and you have to say no I didn’t finish what I need to so I’m staying home and finishing. This has made finishing into something that’s rewarded, Oh I finished what I need to tonight, so now I can go out and have a “guilt free time”.

As you can see here creating small rewards that you’re excited about, is important and crucial and will make you more excited to accomplish/finish something. Maybe you love starbucks, create a reward system where you only get to have starbucks once you’ve finished your task list. Are you a huge fan of watching netflix, well now you can only watch netflix once you’ve done your daily tasks.

Hopefully this helps, and if you have any questions, comments, or your own stories feel free to leave a comment below.

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