When you’re thinking about the top social media platforms, Instagram has got to be one of your first thoughts if not the first. It has captivated the younger audience (12-21), most of which say that Facebook is for “old people”, yet it still has most of the people on twitter and Facebook, but not vice versa.

Today, brought to you by www.bitsubmit.net, we’re going to give you three simple ways to improve your current Instagram account. Let’s dive in.

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1.Make Sure Your Profile Picture Represents You

When someone first steps foot onto your Instagram page, what can they learn from just looking at your profile picture. If someone is searching for your band because they’ve heard about you, how easy is it to know which account is yours, could they tell simply from looking at your tiny profile picture? This is the goal to get to, having people know your band or brand just from looking at the small photo in the top left corner.

A big thing to remember is that if you’re in a band, make sure that your profile picture shows that it isn’t one person, but a group of individuals. If you’re working on a new image or brand, say you have your entire instagram feed black and white, make sure the first image that people encounter on your profile shows this change/update.

For this app, making sure your profile picture adequately describes your project is one of the most important things. Since when people search for artists they like, the first thing that will differentiate all the accounts similar to that name is the tiny picture it shows.

2.Focus On Writing A Great Bio

The next thing that is going to allow people to quickly know what your accounts about, is the description or bio section. Since Instagram doesn’t allow for many characters in your description, you have to convey what you need to quickly. Now it’s good to present your brand here, if you’re a jokes group then posting something funny is great, if you’re really serious and trying to influence as well, maybe a quote about your philosophy would suffice. Or maybe you’re just trying to show people when your next tour is, where they can find your newest release, or maybe you have an album in the works. Regardless the purpose, having a simple and easy to understand bio is going to get people who already like you involved, as well as newcomers who know nothing about you yet.

Try and spend as much time as you can thinking about what you want people’s first impression of you to be. Try to not include all your socials in your description, but only the most important place you want people to go.

The last element here is to make sure you’re not promoting older materials, make sure you’re constantly updating what you are up to, and what people should be paying attention to. Talk about it with your bandmates, friends, family, enemies, basically anyone who will give you some honest critiques that can help build into useful strategies and solutions.

3.Switch To A Business Page

The biggest advantage to switching to a business profile, or starting out with one is that you gain access to analytics that you don’t get with a normal account. This includes being able to dive deeper into where your fans are, demographics of them, how long do they stay on your page, how many photos do they look through, etc.

Now the reason all this data is useful is because if you’re touring, releasing promotional materials, pumping a new album release, or anything else. Having an understanding of where your most liked in the world, what the age and sex of your biggest fans are, and generally what kind of people are following you, is going to allow you to plan and accomplish whatever your goal is.

This also makes targeting ads a lot easier, since you be wasting time figuring out which demographic or location to focus on.

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