We’ve all dealt with the anxiety of showing friends and peers our music, often times when you’re first starting out you expect that people are going to have the same excited reaction that you do. But you have to remember everyone you’re showing your music to, is used to hearing the highest quality music all the time. Basically you’re competing with the big dogs right away.

Brought to you by www.bitsubmit.net we’re going to take you through 5 tips on how to prepare to show and talk to people about your music. Let’s dive into it.

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1.Don’t Be A Diva

The biggest thing you should want to avoid is coming across as a diva, no one likes someone constantly tooting their own horn. This is the classic person who comes up to talk to YOU, but then pretends like talking to them is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all night. These people will go on forever and will generally kill the vibe.

If you’re at a networking event or somewhere lots of artists are congregating, try to be the person in the room that asks questions and contributes to the conversations without making them about you. Usually the most interesting person in the room is that who speaks about themselves the least and listens.

2.A Description Of Your Music

This is important, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to ask about someone’s music or project and as soon as I do, I’m launched down a rabbit hole of confusion and misguided answers. When somebody asks you your name, you don’t stumble right? So your music should come across the same. Confident.

Come up with an interesting description for what you do, speak with excitement and conciseness. Realize that people are giving you the time of day, so make sure that you get across what you need to and then continue the conversation their way. This will show it’s not all about you, but you’re confident and sure of what you represent.

3.Good Questions

As we got to at the end of the last point, asking questions and continuing the conversation along is absolutely crucial. Now I wont speak for anyone else, but I have always struggled with the small talk vibe that most networking events share. The key here is to realize that you just need to get good enough at it, so you’re seen as professional and reliable outside just your musical talents.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to talk less and ask more, people generally love to talk about themselves (look at this blog). So if you give someone the room to answer questions and talk about themselves, this will alleviate pressure from you to have to do so. Also there comes a point in the conversation if you’ve just been asking questions and the other person hasn’t, that a natural moment for them to ask you something will arise. This is your opportunity.

4.Clear Awareness of Your Brand/Project

Knowing your goals and being able to state them in a concise, easy to understand manner is is going to help people who want to help you, know if they want to be involved or not. I’ve been in situations with management from major labels, and they’ve asked me about my goals and where I want to end up. I always struggled to answer, because at the time I was just working on getting good at the musical aspect.

Knowing how to answer questions like where do you see yourself in a year? Is going to help you insurmountably when trying to advance your career and work with people in a more strictly business context.

So start thinking about that, think about what you want to accomplish and what’s realistically possible. Once you’ve done this combine them so you have goals that are currently a little bit out of reach, but with lots of work can be accomplished.

Hopefully this was helpful, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below in the comment section!

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