Today is coming at you with 7 things that you can quickly do for your music today, lets keep you on the path to success. Let’s dive into it.

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1.Sync Your Google Calendar with Spotify

Try and ensure that your concert calendar is synced up with your music on Spotify. This helps any fan who wants to find out more information on you from your streaming profiles. As an added incentive anytime someone is engaging with your music and looking up nearby concerts, spotify will list your gig to their profiles.

2.Create a Mailing List

Even in the age of digital marketing, click bait titles, and one button subscribe functions, email still seems to rule. The biggest reason for this is because when you subscribe to someones email list you’re doing it voluntarily, and thus why you tend to be more receptive to those emails rather then spam ones. Don’t worry about coming across to professional or sales driven, just get out there and start sending your fans emails.

3.One-Click Youtube Subscribe Function

You can easily create a custom URL link that will force people to subscribe to your youtube channel up on arrival. This is extremely useful because you’re able to push people in the direction you actually want them, which is to subscribe to your channel. Since you’re probably already linking people to your youtube through your instagram and facebook page, why not increase your subscriber count.

4.Launch A New POD (Print-On-Demand) Merch Item

Print On Demand for those that don’t know is a way to create multiple merch items stemming from one main branding or design, without having to purchase a bulk amount of product. So if you have a design or branding for your music already, it’s extremely easy to create a complementary merch item (shirts,hats,mugs, etc.). This is a great way to connect with fans who want more than just music, and a great way to grab new fans who may not know about your music but love your products.

5. Stay Consistent with Your Tax Filing

I cannot tell you how many musicians I know who struggle with the game of taxes, it’s the same song and dance, they keep all their receipts and then come tax time it’s a chaotic race to the finish before the deadline. Instead try creating a spreadsheet to log all incoming and outgoing purchases and costs, organize your receipts MONTHLY. This way when it comes down to tax time you’re fully aware of where you’re at and all it takes is entering the information into whatever tax program you use.

6. Show Your Fans You Care By Filming A “thank you” video

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just showing appreciation to the people who support you is more than enough. Don’t try and sell anything here, just show that you’re grateful and maybe at the end you can have a little update on what you’re up to and what your fans can be expecting in the future.

7. Learn that complicated song you love

Learning a difficult song that is currently out of your grasps is great for multiple reasons. First of all, it gives you a break from your original material, it also focuses on different skill sets such as learning melody/chords and being able to learn the parts from listening. It also gives your project a new piece of content, if you’re able to cover a song you can upload it and share it for free with your fans.

Hope these tips were helpful, if you have any comments or concerns leave a reply below.

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