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Denzel Curry – ZUU

This is a must listen for any hip-hop fan, in a sea of mumble rappers and fresh new “trap” face tats, it’s nice to come across a popular rapper who is actually “rapping” in the more traditional sense. With huge bangers such as “Ricky”, we get to see that really aggressive side of Denzel, while still bringing complicated rhythms and rap schemes.

With features by Rick Ross and Tay Keith with see Denzel rap on a bunch of different styled beats from the 90’s tinged “Wish Ft Kiddo Marv”, to the absolute heater “BIRDz ft Rick Ross”. Seeing the versatility in this young rapper, plus the selection of instrumentals makes it look like Denzel’s going to be here for the long haul.

With a consistent aesthetic of repping his community and a real props to what his parents taught him, the video’s that came out with this album were absolute fire. With “Ricky” being a big community hang with Denzel telling us all about the things his parents taught him

My daddy said, “Trust no man but your brothers”

“And never leave your day one’s in the gutter”

My daddy said, “Treat young girls like your mother”

My momma said, “Trust no hoe, use a rubber”

Safe to say that his parents didn’t necessarily see eye to eye, but the way it’s worded in the song, it seems like the balance is what made Denzel such a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene. Definitely a must listen and Imma give this album a 9/10

Dedicated – Carly Rae Jepsen

As a consistent supporter of how amazing Carly Rae Jepsen’s music is, Dedicated doesn’t disappoint. Repping the Canadian pop scene as hard as we possibly can, Carly’s albums feel like single after single. Basically when I’ve listened to her in the past, I often come away with a feeling that any song on the album could be the “single”. I once had a friend comment that every song feels like it could be a Taylor Swift “single”, I’d agree with that sentiment if I didn’t think her music was catchier and more fun than Taylor’s (come at me Taylor fans).

The album opens with “Julien” which hits hard as a precursor to the feel and style of the whole album, launching us into a very “Carly Rae” dance party. From this point on we get all the different wonderful worlds of pop music, whether it be the more 80’s feel that’s prominent throughout the record, or the modern elements of trap music and EDM. This album goes everywhere and isn’t afraid of trying a new sound or vibe.

For pop fans and music fans in general, this is a must, and if you’re Canadian then come on now, support local baby. I’m giving this one a biased 9.5/10, she’s also coming to a city near you so make sure you get out and see this amazing album live.

IGOR – Tyler The Creator

Well if you know Tyler the Creator you know you can never really know what to expect from him, and this release is no different. From laid back 90’s R and B inspired jams, all the way to modern trap goodness, this album goes from 0-100 real quick. With an exceptional synth treatment and A + production, this album is a treat for the ears.

A Highlight track for me is “New Magic Wand” which tricks you into thinking it’s going to be more of a chill track from the intro, but as soon as we bust into the “beat” the 808 hits and the track just slaps. With a nice long sustained fuzzy bass underneath, the track just launches into chaotic goodness with a wicked rap and tons of energy throughout.

Overall this album is amazing, and definitely is going to be competing for top hip hop album of the year. With key notes from artists like Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert providing lead vocals, and even Kayne rounding out the production team. This album is a must listen to I’m giving it a strong 8.5/10

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