What is BitSubmit?
BitSubmit is a tool to send your music to the most powerful networks across the internet. Hundreds of outlets are here to listen to your music - and you can track their responses in real-time. No more searching the internet for submission forms or sending off hundreds of emails. BitSubmit allows you to reach YouTube channels, Spotify playlists, Soundcloud promoters, blogs and more all in one place.
Why use BitSubmit?
Not everybody has thousands of dollars to spend on promotional packages. That business model kills the chance for independent artists that don't have a huge budget to spend on marketing. BitSubmit allows you to pay a small amount for a network's guaranteed listening time and response. This will ensure that everyone has an equal shot at being heard - opportunity for underground artists to get their name out there.
A network is taking too long to reply!
You are able to cancel your submission in your dashboard. Click on your track, and then click the network that is giving you the issue. Choose "Cancel submission" - you will get all of your bits refunded. When browsing networks, you can click their name to see the network's average response time. You can also see their network reputation to decide if it is worth submitting to them.
I've found a bug, or have a suggestion for the site!
If you have found any bugs or have any suggestions on how to make BitSubmit better, we would love to hear from you. Please email team[at]bitsubmit.net with your request, or message us in your inbox.

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