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Every artist knows that it takes a lot more than simply making music to get noticed. You need to get your music to as many places as possible. There are millions of people tuning in everyday to our promotional channels. Reach Spotify Playlists, YouTube channels, Soundcloud promoters, blogs, and many other outlets that can be the spark to spread your music like wild fire.

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Automate your entire marketing process so you can spend more time where it matters most - in the studio. No more wasting time searching the internet for promotion. No more sending hundreds of emails to promoters that rarely respond because of their flooded inbox.

Connect with hundreds of networks in seconds. See audience reach, response times, promotion history, reputation & genre preferences before you choose to submit. Know how long until they get to your music and then see their responses in real-time within your dashboard. You also get valuable feedback from each network that you send music to - which is so important to grow yourself as an artist. BitSubmit was made to try and help you become a better musician - by allowing you to spend more time doing what you love - making music for the world.

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