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BitSubmit is the world leading marketing tool for independent musicians to get noticed. Our community gets direct access to the industry's largest Spotify Playlists, YouTube channels, Soundcloud Promoters, Instagram pages, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Blogs and more.

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Every successful artist knows that it takes a lot more than simply making music to get noticed. Artists in the BitSubmit community get direct access to hundreds of the industry's top Spotify Playlists, YouTube channels, Soundcloud Promoters, blogs, radio stations, and many other outlets that can be the spark to spread your music like wild fire.


"Game changing... These networks have done so much for me. BitSubmit was made from an artist perspective. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to spend on guaranteed promotion. This tool gives us all an equal opportunity to reach the most powerful networks that can take our career to the next level." - Matstubs


"An incredibly powerful connection platform... Out of any resources I've used to promote my music, BitSubmit has been the most effective. It's very simple to submit to so many different genres. BitSubmit is seriously the best music promotion service currently available." - Matboi


"Simply the best out there... I've tried other submission hubs, but nothing comes close to BitSubmit. Other services try to charge you for a platform that is amateur, bland, and hard to use. BitSubmit is different. It is my go to for submitting music so I can put all my effort into production. Any artist that is serious about taking the next step should be taking advantage of this platform." - RFEN

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Automate your entire marketing process so you can spend more time where it matters most - in the studio. Do you find yourself spending hours searching the internet for promotion? If so, you're wasting time. Do you find yourself sending hundreds of emails to networks that already have a flooded inbox? If so, you're wasting time.

Connect with hundreds of networks in seconds. See audience reach, response times, promotion history, genre preferences & network reputation before you submit to them. See exactly how long until the networks get to your music, and then see their response in real-time within your artist dashboard. Get valuable feedback to help you get an objective opinion to let you to grow as an artist. BitSubmit was created to help you reach your full potential and spend more time doing what you love - making music for the world. We take care of the rest. Join us to get an edge in the industry now.

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